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AP Style Multiple Choice Questions: Sonnet 71

April 27, 2009 by billy5 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

In context, “rehearse” (line 11) is best interpreted to mean

  • A) to practice
  • B) to frollick
  • C) to pray
  • D) to audition
  • E) to say

The word “clay” serves to represent which of the following:

  • A) the speaker’s playful mood
  • B) the peace one finds in death
  • C) the suffocating nature of death
  • D) the elegance of Queen Elizabeth
  • E) the poet’s ego

Which of the following is the best rendering of the clause “But let your love even with my life decay” (line 12)?

  • A) Stop loving me when I die!
  • B) You love me as much as decaying life.
  • C) Your love smells like decay.     
  • D) I love when life decays.
  • E) Love is decay and decay is life.

The sound device in the phrase “surly sullen bell,” is which of the following?

  • A) Assonance
  • B) Alliteration
  • C) Rhyme
  • D) Rhyme Scheme
  • E) Onomatopoeia

Three more to come.

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  • Johnny Poe

    Billy, these questions are good. Why does this task present you with challenges? Or is it just a matter of finding time to do this during our busy spring schedule? Also, can you number them? And your second question could also entertain the option of the poet’s playful mood. Is that a problem? Good effort here.

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